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Services of Home Medical Care

home care is one of the supportive care which is usually provided at home by nurses who offer wide range of comprehensive social services, physical and emotional services. The services which nurses offer normally vary from one facility to another but the common services include monitoring of medication, social and recreational activities, personal care, room and board and finally emergency care which should be available at 24/7. Home care usually range from nursing care to more specialized services such as laboratory workups and this usually depend on the situation of the patient.

The reason why many people usually agree to use home medical care is because it allows patient to receive their care in the comfort of their homes where there is a lot of privacy. Home medical care such as from Landmark Health also promote nurturing relationships whereby the patient will have private conversations with his or her friends and family unlike when he or she is in the hospital where there are restrictions of visitors coming during specific time.

There are various groups which are usually specialized in providing care for chronic and complex patient and one of the group is the landmark health. This group is categorized under home-based medical care which is designed to ensure that patient stay well while they are at home. Landmark health does not replace patient's primary care provider rather it helps patient to follow their care plans when they are still at home. There is a landmark program which every patient must qualify for the purpose of the health plan and the steps to follow in order to ensure that you are eligible for landmark's care include the following.

There will be a letter which you will receive from the health plan. This letter introduces you to the landmark health which are necessary for you especially if you are undergoing home-based medical care. The landmark will then try to reach to you and discuss the schedule and program they use. After this the landmark provider will visit you and ask you about your health goal, review to you about the services which they provide and finally conduct a physical test.

Once you become a landmark patient you will be receiving their services throughout regardless of the type of the day or time. Palliative care, social support services, deliverance of medical care and behavioral health are some of the services which are provided by the landmark health and these landmark services are provided to patient at their premises whenever and wherever they require them. Visit this useful site now.

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